Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Rid of The Taste Test on Your Etsy Front Page

So Etsy has determined that they want to Personalize each person's front page. While this is good in theory, it only holds up if the items shown match that users taste.

For me the Taste Test has been, to using gaming terms, an EPIC FAIL. Many of the items do not match me, or my taste. A big part of that is probably because when searching through the choices, I could rarely find that item I really liked. Maybe I am just to choosy. But either way, I do not like ending up on the front page and being confronted by those images.

Admin happily announces that more shops are being "seen" with taste test. While that may be true, fewer sales will result IF the tastes do not match. So being seen by a customer who does not share your style is no good.

So any way, I know many of you want IT gone. And Admin is currently turning a deaf ear. So some forum users have taken matters into their own hand and have found a plug-in that will remove "Taste Test" from your page. I can not take credit for this, but I can attest to it working.

This will work for FireFox as it is a Firefox plugin. You will need to install the Add-on Remove-it-permanently. You can find it here:    Follow all directions during installation and restart.

Once installed,  go the the Etsy homepage and left click just under the TT results. You should see a popup menu that includes "Remove it permanently". When you hover over that button, a red border should appear around the TT.  If it is only around the Taste Test, go ahead and click the button.

If it is around more than the taste test, you will need to choose a different area and try again. Otherwise you may remove everything on the page. The image below will show you what it should look like.

Notice where the red X is on the picture. This was the best place for me to choose only the Taste Test to remove.

If you removed more than you wanted to, do the following.
Tools Menu --> Add-on
Add-on page: Go to the add-on Remove it permanently and choose the options button.
It will look like this:
Then clear out the Etsy Rip with "Remove Rip" and Everything associated with it using the "Remove Xpath" button. This will restore your front page.

I was also able to remove the "You might like" and "Featured Seller" portions on my front page. This did take a bit to find the right spot to click to remove JUST that function.

Hope this helps free your front page. Good luck.. Contact me if I can help you use this feature.


  1. Thanks April!

    Too many changes on etsy and none of them truly benefit the sellers. My personal opinion.


  2. I do not know anything about "Taste test" I better read on it.

  3. I agree Christie. It is much more difficult to get your products to a buyer than it was when I started in 2009.

  4. Thanks so much for this!

    Now I can look at the FP and at least pretend that the new and *improved* Etsy is still the old Etsy I once loved.

  5. Thank you for this; I'm so glad I only had to have the TT on my front page for about an hour. What a relief!

  6. Thank you for this information ~ have to give it a try!

  7. Thanks for the info about this FF add-on! I've downloaded it because I may need it in the future but, at the moment, I'm only seeing Taste Test in IE and not in FF. No, I haven't run RIP on the Taste Test in FF; Taste Test just isn't showing up! Of course this is fine with me because, as many of you have said, the things Etsy thinks are my taste are mostly anything but!


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