Thursday, May 19, 2011

So you want to know how to package?

Etsy is known as a place for personal touches. That little extra done in thanks of your customer. And part of that starts with the packaging.

Every so often I see a new thread talking about how one "should" package their items, and of course there are differing views on what the best way is. But as long as it gets to your customer, with nothing damaged, and makes your customer happy, then it is the right way for you.

Today I thought I would share my way of packaging, and some of the reasons why I do it this way.

Here are the parts of my package.
1. Size 0 Padded Mailer
2. Invoice and Paypay Label
3. Bubble Wrap Sheet (1/2 if using large bubble)
4. Curling Ribbon
5. Business Card
6. Mini Thank You Card
7. Purchased Item

Since I usually send my earrings on earring cards, I will place both the earrings and my business card into the bubble wrap and roll them up as seen below. Once rolled I tape the edge down.

This process protects the earrings in bubble wrap, but it also provides the ability to make my mailer thicker without increasing the weight too much. This allows me to ship packages "First-Class" US mail rather than Priority Mail and saves on shipping cost.

Once the package is rolled up, I tie the curling ribbon around it.
This creates a pretty picture making it look like a gift. But it also secures the package in case the tape comes of during transport.

To finish off the personal touch, I attach a thank you card with a personal note included. I have also begun attaching a discount coupon code in the thank you card.

Once this is completed, I attach the mailing label to my mailer, place the invoice and package inside, and seal it up.

The final product:


  1. Looks great! :) I've read those threads too, and I've come to a compromise between being environmentally conscious and looking like a scrapbook store exploded inside my envelope. I use tiny cardboard boxes, because I'm always worried about stuff getting squished between mail sorters, and I embellish them with an inch-wide strip cut from origami paper, or stamps. It's fun to come up with simple ways to make things pretty, like you have!

  2. One of the best feedbacks I ever got was a customer saying that my package was the prettiest package they ever received. I tend to overpack, but I want the customer to feel like their purchase is a special present just for them.


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