Monday, April 23, 2012

Etsy Direct Checkout Versus Paypal: Offering Options

 Paypal has been the main go-to form of payment since the beginning. However, for years there have been requests on the Etsy forum begging for other payment methods. So now we are going to be offered the option of accepting credit cards. YAY!!

But some people may be thinking: I like Paypal, why should I bother with the hassle of having to wait for my money like Etsy is suggesting.

Well it all boils down to this; our customers want the option. And before you say I have no clue want I am talking about, check out this quote from Dana Stalder, Former Senior VP at Paypal from 2003-2008.

"We had lots of hard data on this during my time at PayPal (2004-2008). The short answer is that the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer using their bank cards (debit or credit) and a minority (<10%) prefer using PayPal." (Taken from "Online-Shopping:When purchasing online, do consumers prefer using PayPal vs. a credit card?")

Wow, that is staggering. That means that 90% of buyers would prefer the option of using their card rather than Paypal. So how many customers could we be losing by not offering this payment choice?


  1. I saw this option today when placing a custom order. I thought "What did I do wrong???" LOL It is a good idea to offer a credit card option.

    Perhaps sales will increase now!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I was finally given access to Direct Checkout last week. Of the 4 orders that I have had since then, only 1 has been with Paypal. So right now a 75% usage.

    I am hoping that means more sales fairy in the long run.

  3. I put both my main etsy shops on this last night. I had an order from one of them that went to direct checkout last night. I have not even verified my accounts yet! LOL - I think it is just like using propay for artfire and google checkout for bonanza. I will offer it if I have the opportunity and like these shoppers, I prefer to use my credit card. Yay for sales!


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