Monday, May 14, 2012

Help! Booth re-design in progress :)

For the second time this month, I have had a disappointing show. In both cases, there was not the traffic that I had anticipated. That being said, during the show I noticed a very visible phenomena, that traffic that was there tended to look past much of my booth. Nothing was really drawing them in.

Here is a photo of my booth from Saturday

Something that I personally noticed is that I need more signs. A sign here and a sign there just does not cut it.

Anyway I really felt like I need to update the booth and its total look.

So I have started with the color scheme. The current booth may be too dark. So I was thinking brighter with dark accents. But I am planning on adding more cream into this as well. 
I bought some new table cloths in this turquoise color, and I am thinking about getting some fabric paint to add in the cream and brown elements.

I also bought some peg boards to add sides to my booth.  I went ahead and painted them in a turquoise as well. But I plan to add some designs to the board. I am just torn as to which....

Here are the boards.
Ok so here is where I need your help. I am planning on adding some designs onto the boards. Here are the two that caught my eye the most.

From Online Inspiration's blog.
Target's wall decal collection
Which design do you like better for a turquoise and chocolate wall board in a booth?

Update:  I made a slight mockup to look at colors (With Photoshop, so please do not be too harsh on the graphics here :] ) 

Also I found these that I was thinking about adding rather than paint to create the circles:

 Ok here is the mockup

 Via Photoshop, I added the peg board with mirrors, added curtains, and change the cloth color to the turquoise.


  1. Sorry your show was not what you hd anticipated.

    Love the turquoise! Either pattern but do it in red. There is nothing prettier than red and turquoise! Please share your finished design too!


  2. Sorry about your show. I had a really terrible show last weekend. Hopefully the next ones will be great. And both designs are great but I think I like the circles best. Good luck.

  3. Good morning. I am sorry also that your show didn't turn out the way you planned HOWEVER, it wasn't a failure. This was a learning curve and that's all each of these experiences will be to and for you. I can guarantee that you will try something different next time, won't you? That's what you are doing now and it has forced you to grow, positively. Had your show gone the way you thought, you may not have looked into adding some color, clarity or just a more modern set-up. You would have probably kept the same set-up. Your work is too beautiful to not be brought to light by a regular set-up. You need the pop necessary to make them come to life and bring them to their intended wearer(s). What will make you stop by a setup? Think out of the box. I am having to reevaluate everything to increase my visual reach. You have great work and each progression will bring you closer to even more success! Great luck to you for your next show!

  4. I love the turquoise! Incidentally, turquoise is the accent color in my booth too :D

    Looking at your photo, what jumps out in me is that the necklace displays really jump out in an odd way. I'm not sure if it is how they are grouped on the table, that they're different colors or maybe too big for the jewelry that is on them, but I think smaller displays in matching colors and maybe having another table to spread things out on would help.

    I think the pegboard is great painted turquoise, and it might not need a design to be honest! Once your items are displayed on it, the design might make it too busy.

    My last thought for the day is that your banner in the background disappears with the turquoise in the front - maybe have a new banner made that has turquoise as its background color to draw attention to it again.

    You've got a good solid start, it can only get better! Best of luck to you!


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