Sunday, May 13, 2012

Re-telling my Story

The Eluna Jewelry Story

From my earliest childhood memories, I have had a fascination with stones. I was always picking up rocks; gravel, river stones,  dirty bits of quartz from the field in front of my childhood home. I just loved stones. So when I went to the mountains for the first time, and my parents offered me a chance to mine for gems, you had better believe I jumped at the chance. From that point on, I was hooked, forever to be in love with stones.
I started creating jewelry when I was in high school. I started with the basics beaded jewelry.  I even wore one of my creations in my senior year photo!

Beaded Bracelet 1
Beaded Bracelet 1
 But school and environmental sciences took front stage as I set out to get my bachelor’s degree.

Once I became an adult and graduated college, I revisited my hobby of jewelry making. Again I began by creating beaded jewelry designs.
Beaded Bracelet 2
Beaded Bracelet 2

Then I began to expand my jewelry making horizons. I taught myself to wire wrap stones. 
Wire Wrapped Stone Earrings

Looking to create more unique jewelry, and not being satisfied with many of the wire wrapping stones I had found, I decided to learn to cut stones myself. Yes that is my, cutting stones in my studio.  

April cutting stones in her studio
Have you ever question why you enjoy a hobby? Well earlier this year, I asked myself, why I enjoyed jewelry making so much. I discovered, much to my surprise, that jewelry making has provided me with a retreat of simplicity from the ever spiraling chaos.
Simple Hoops
Simple Silver Hoops

In my life, simplicity was sorely missing in the chaos of my everyday life. 

Chaotic Picasso Jasper
Chaotic Picasso Jasper
This simplicity is echoed in the simplistic look of my designs. But like many of the simple things in life, jewelry making provides a one of a kind enjoyment.
One of a Kind, Handcut Ametrine Cabochon beaded necklace
One of a Kind, Ametrine Cabochon and Bead Necklace

I hope you find as much enjoyment in my designs as I have in the simple act of creating it.

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