Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Promoting Your Business through the Twitter Tree. 5/9/12

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.

  •          Only 2 Items per person
  •          Each Tweet must contain the hashtag #retwt
  •          Only 1 other Hashtag may be used.
  •          Please include a brief description of your item in the tweet. 
  •    Keep your Tweet under 140 Characters (including spaces).
  •          No Mature Items
  •          Tweet Everyone’s listings. (It is not fair to others if you do not fully participate. Team Leaders do watch who is tweeting and who is not.)

Limit of two (2) hashtags

Here's an acceptable example post
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black @ChristieCottage  handmade  artfire #AFPP  #RETWT

Invite your friends!
Today's Tweeting Items:

Perfect for a Mom on the Go! Tiny Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings by ElunaJewelry via @Etsy #retwt #fashion

Red Scenic Jasper Necklace in Sterling Silver by @ElunaJewelry via @Etsy #retwt #fashion

See you on the twitter tree today. 


  1. Good morning!

    Sock Monkey Cell Phone Gadget Pouch Maroon @ChristieCottage via @Etsy #MadeInAmerica #retwt

    Sock Monkey Cell Phone Pouch Gadget Pouch Red #Traditional Colors @ChristieCottage via @Etsy #MadeInAmerica #retwt

    New giveaway from ElunaJewelry #retwt


  2. Here are mine

    Pink Knitted Baby Booties 0-3months @beausbitsandbob via @Etsy #retwt #shopetsy

    Love Heart Friendship Bracelet FREE SHIPPING by @beausbitsandbob via @Etsy #retwt #shopetsy

  3. TOm's

    Charging Station for #IPAD #Kindle Nook IPOD Cell #Cherry by tomroche via @Etsy @piesafetommy #retwt

    Charging Station for IPAD Kindle Nook Phones MP3 by tomroche via @Etsy :Light cherry #retwt @piesafetommy

    Tweeted Tom's Beaus and Elunas

  4. Tweeted and scheduled

    Soft Toy Baby Skunk by ToyBoxflameOfsilver via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #madeinamerica

    Baby Owl Plush Toy by ToyBoxflameOfsilver via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #madeinamerica

  5. Tweeted thru Toms
    Victorian style lace pendant #RETWT @waterrox

    Seas Breeze – original watercolor ACEO
    #RETWT @waterrox #ACEO

    Thanks, running out the door

  6. Tweeted thru Toms
    Victorian style lace pendant #RETWT @waterrox

    Seas Breeze – original watercolor ACEO
    #RETWT @waterrox #ACEO

    Thanks, running out the door

  7. Good morning - Happy Wednesday.
    Tweeted through Watercolors

    My Wed Tweets:
    Wedding Romantic Necklace Heart Pendant by MagdaleneJewels via @#retwt#wedding

    The Pearl 16 Swarovski Pearl and Crystal by MagdaleneJewels via @Etsy#retwt#wedding

  8. Good morning

    Beaded repurposed pocketbook handle or by crochet18purple via @Etsy
    @crochet18purple #RETWT

    crochet wire bracelet with beads and magnets by crochet18purple via @Etsy
    @crochet18purple #RETWT

  9. Happy Wednesday all!

    Here are my beady offerings for the day:

    Beads Polymer Clay Pillow Pink Flower Red by polymerclaybeads via @Etsy #handmadebot #retwt

    Beads Polymer Clay Pillow Orange Cranberry by polymerclaybeads via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    May everyone sell out today :)
    Julie and Blu

  10. Tweeted everyone thru Julie

  11. Good morning! It RAINED here yesterday! Has been several months since it has rained (we live in a desert). Was wonderful to see :) Anyway, here are my two for the day:

    Mangoes??? No! Fab golden copal & turquoise #handmade earrings! @ShadowDogDesign #retwt

    Classic beauty! Turquoise magnesite & sterling #handmade necklace! @ShadowDodDesign #retwt

  12. Good Morning - had a rough night with our two year old so Iam a little behind this morning...

    Here are mine for today.

    Simply Beautiful! White Flower Skinny Headband by @hannahmia01 via @Etsy #wedding @retwt

    So delicate and stunning! White Ribbon Flower Headband or Hair Clip with by @hannahmia01 via @Etsy #wedding #retwt

    Thank you - have a blessed day!

  13. Good morning.Tweeting.Here are my listings:

    Silver Hammered Disk Porcupine Quill Earrings @dragonflyridge via @Etsy #giftsforher #retwt

    Goldstone Riverstone Unikite Celtic Tree of Life Necklace @DragonflyRidge #giftsforhim #retwt

    I have gift guides for men,women and a new eco recycled vintage guide.Looking for shops to participate.

    Have a great day and Many Thanks to you awesome tweeters xo

  14. Hey ladies! Glad to be back finally!

    Tweeted Thru DragonFly

    Here are my two from my ART shop on Etsy:
    Having a baby? Peek at these for Nursery Decor $5.00 OFFCheshire Cat Original Art by BendixenArt via @Etsy #retwt #cats

    Bridal Party Gift Ideas? Small, affordable yet so so lovely!Original Mini Mixed by BendixenArt #RETWT #weddings

  15. Tweeted thru Kristan

    Have a lovely day!

  16. Everyone has been tweeted and scheduled. Will check back later.

  17. Tweeted everyone through Kristan.

  18. I'm late again, but will get everyone tweeted before dinner.

    Great for any decor. Milk Glass Vase English Hobnail by GotMilkGlassAndMore via @Etsy #retwt

    Father's Day is June 17. Belt Buckle Ford Model A Tiffany Studio by GotMilkGlassAndMore via @Etsy #retwt

  19. Just got back. Tweeted and scheduled Got Milk. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day.

  20. All caught up! I got my custom pigs mailed off today. So exciting having a return customer!


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