Friday, May 4, 2012

Print Postage for Etsy Direct Checkout.

Etsy currently does not offer a way to print postage with direct checkout. So I wanted to offer you a work around.

You would log into your Paypal account.

Once in your account, locate the multi-order shipping on the right hand side of your window.

Once there two new screens should pop up.

 Creating a new order will bring up yet another screen. (So many screens) This is where you will input your package, shipping, customer, and return address information (if needed).

Once you fill in all your information, you can choose to create another label or print. If you choose print, you will be taken to the screen behind this pop-up. From there you will choose a ship date on the top menu for all your packages, and will then pay&print.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on shipping via Paypal for items paid for through Etsy's direct checkout.

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