Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Booth: The Final Preview Before Launch

All of my holiday shows this year are indoors. And they are all Holiday themed. In the past I have used a little tinsel or my normal setup, but I have always felt my booth was a little, well a little under-dressed for the show.

So this year I wanted to try something different. I wanted to create a holiday theme for my booth. I thought long and hard about my products and what type of theme may look good with my lines.

I finally decided to go with a simple yet elegant theme (though I am not sure watching too much Frozen did not influence my decisions).

The theme of my holiday booth? Warmth and luxury on a cold snowy night!

So I bet you all would like to see my preview? Just remember these pictures are of the dry run setups and works in progress. I will post full booth shots next week.

This is my 6 foot table dry run. I did this when I was testing which type of "snow" I wanted to use.

I also have my glowin snowballs on this table surrounded by a wreath of ice crystals.

This snowball is make of a plastic ornament and some fake snow. Plus my secret ingredient (I am working on a tutorial to make these).

This is my front table. It is 4 foot long and will hold my moderate priced inventory.

As you can see I have added plenty of extra lighting to these tables.

I also have my shutters. They normally look like this:

But my sweet husband has been working on a project for me to increase lighting on these.

And finally I have decided to offer my booth guests a little treat while they are inside my booth ( I am not putting these out front to cut down on those that take treats and leave. To get one, you need to come into the booth) 

Don't you love the marketing? Each bag contains a Hershey Hug and a Hershey Kiss. They are portable, and they contain my website address. 

So here is the preview, but even I am excited to see how my final product will look! :) 


  1. April, hope you sell lots at the show.

    Glad you cut down some of the holiday ornaments. And, love the shutters.

  2. The shutters are a great idea with that extra lighting. I think your setup looks clean and professional. Cluttered tables looks so sloppy and is confusing to customers. The treats and business card are also good for promoting your business. Good luck and happy many sales!


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