Monday, June 15, 2009

Blogging... Lets Give This A Try

Sometimes it feels like everywhere I go on the net, people are blogging. Etsy, facebook, twitter, my mommy forum, my jewelry forum, my gaming forum; everywhere! I have tried to blog before, but it fell through. I stopped, mainly because I felt like I did not really have anything to blog about. I realize blogging should not consume my time; it should only take a few minutes a week to blog. But I guess like everything, in the beginning it can feel a bit overwhelming.
I feel like I have found something I can blog about; my journey into the world of Etsy.
I joined Etsy in January of this year. Around the second week of May, I finally started posting items for sell. I thought the process would be easy peasy, one, two, three. Boy, it is anything but. Getting noticed on Etsy takes time and work if you are new.
Here are the things I have done to get seen on Etsy. Hopefully this hard work will lead to sells soon!
I have started posting on the Etsy forums to promote my work.
I created my first (and so far only) Treasury on Etsy.
I have started a new Facebook fan page for my work.
I joined Twitter and started tweeting! Twitter name: Elunajewelry
And now I am starting a blog so all of you can follow me as I am learning the ropes of Etsy.
As of last night I listed two new items. I have been told that it is beneficial to list a couple of items a day to get exposure. So here are the two items I listed last night and a link to my store.
Link to my Etsy Store:
New items:
Artist Earrings :

Mother and Child Earrings:

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