Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crafting bust!!!


Well so far this week has been a crafting bust. I intended to get to work making some new sea glass earrings but my husband has come down with a stomach bug. That means I cannot get away to spend a few hours in my studio. Instead I have spent that time with my little boy and on new marketing endeavors.

I have also taken some of that time to redesign my old website.  I like the way it looks now, before it was way too wordy. I have also added links to my blog, facebook fan page, and my twitter page. My thinking is that if the website and blog link back, then anyone who stumbles on one may decide to become a follower.

I do have one positive spin though. Yesterday one of my co-workers came back to work from her vacation on the North Carolina coast. She brought me back five pieces of beer bottle brown sea glass she picked up. I have already envisioned the necklace I intend on making with those chunks of glass, now I just need to set aside five minutes to draw the design out.

Sigh, I think I need more time in the day!

Well Ta-Ta for now :) See you next blog!

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