Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Many Stores Closing/Marketing

I was looking at the Etsy promo forum, and noticed that there are a lot of stores closing. Someone mentioned so much competition as a reason. There are a lot of vendors on Etsy and it is easy to get lost in the fray. Maybe this seller just got lost in the traffic.
Or maybe it is the tone that was used. Some of the posts seem almost a "woe is me, I can't hack it here" feeling. I know that reading it, I just wanted to leave.
Am I discouraged that I have not seen a sell yet? Yes. But I am new and times are hard. I understand this and I know that my work is good. If it wasn't I would not do as well in the local shows as I do. So I have faith that a sell will come soon.
My biggest obstacle at the moment is to find a following on-line. That is why I have begun a marketing campaign. I spend time each day, researching methods to be seen and to get my name out there. How will anyone buy from you, if they don't know you exist?
Now back to that research. 


  1. Stick with it! I read those posts all the time, and I figure with all things crafty, many people start out really gung ho, but only those that truely love it end up sticking with it.

  2. I hope everyone can hang in there until it gets better :)


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