Friday, August 23, 2013

Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales - Week 4

After a stunning week last week, I have not made any sales this week. :(

But rather than concentrating of the negatives, I would rather highlight those things that I have done to increase my exposure this week!

I applied for two more shows yesterday. I have already heard back from one show that they are full and not currently taking new vendors, but they will keep me on the list. I also followed up with a show that I did not get into wanting to see if I can improve my application for next year.

I sent out two more pitch letters to magazines this week. And I followed up with the magazine from last week

I have gained about 25 new followers on Facebook this week and have had some new retweeters on Twitter as well.

I also created and sent out a new newsletter to my email list. This month's topic: Five reasons why you should begin your holiday shopping now.  Plus a coupon if they want to buy from me now, it expires on the 15th of September, so it is time limited.

I am making great strides in getting my name and brand out there. I still have a lot more work to do however.

My biggest obstacle is myself. I need to re-teach my brain to let go of the worry and stress that is holding me back.

Last week I changed my affirmation to make it more goal specific. But I am wondering if I need to change it back to what I was repeating over and over last week before I changed it. It was a very simple and empowering affirmation. "I can do it!"

Is it better to work with a simple affirmation that empowers even if it is not totally goal specific? Or is it better to be goal specific, even if it is not as empowering? 

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