Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrapup and Monday Thoughts

If you read Friday's post, you will know that I spent Saturday hosting a birthday party for my son. I am pleased to say that the party went very well. I kind of ran out of activities, so I pulled out Disney princess dolls for the girls and monster trucks for the boys and let them play. I also put "Wreck-It Ralph" into the DVD and had it running in case someone wanted to watch some TV, which I believe the parents too advantage of.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the gemstone mining. Which makes me happy. I did freak a few friends out when I hung the pinata up right next to my collectables shelf, but they did not realize that I had converted it to a pull string pinata. This worked out well, because all the kids had to do was grab a string and pull. If it came off, then they would go back to the rear of the line for another turn. The last string ended up being the one attached to the trap door. And my son got to be the one to pull it.  I had made sure there was plenty of candy for all. In fact I still have a pile of it on my dining room table.

I did not work on any jewelry on Saturday, as I was focused on the party. I had planned to work some on Sunday, but I think I was more stressed than I had realized as I spent more of Sunday sleeping in.

So today is Monday. I am going to re-write my affirmation to make it easier to rememeber and to say. I am also going to update my weekly totals, so that I can keep track of how I am doing on my goals.

I need to focus on creating a positive outlook on my business, so that I can attract my dream client and the sales I want. This is where I need to start focusing on my business.

Maybe tomorrow I will take a little while and show you all how I made those cookies you saw on Friday. :)

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