Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrapup - Monday 8-19-2013

Saturday we took a morning trip to the new ER in our area. Saturday was the opening ceremony and open house. I guess they want the locals to know about the trauma center and medical staff that is going to be available. I will say it will be nice to have a 24 hour ER right up the road from us.

We went to the open house for the free pancake breakfast, but more importantly the life flight helicopter was suppose to be on site for tours. For a five year old boy, that was like a golden ticket. He was so excited to be able to take a tour of a helicopter. We did get to tour the other emergency vehicles.

When we got there however, we discover that due to the weather the helicopter was not coming. While I understand the safety, my son was disappointed. But the pancake breakfast was good. And we did take a tour of the facilities, where the nurses explained some injuries to the kids with a Teddy Bear Clinic. (The bears had gotten boo-boos, and the nurses use them to explain to the kids about how some safety measures can help you prevent those boo-boos. Examples were burns, bicycle injuries, injuries from not wearing seat belts, etc) The kids seemed to enjoy this.

Sunday, I got to do some stuff for myself. I got up Sunday morning and cleaned out some in my studio, where things got stashed from the party last weekend.

I even found time to finish a bezel that I have been working on for a while. Plus made some earring bezels for a pair of emeralds that I have. I also made a new set of 3 inch and 4 inch hoops. While there is some cleanup needed with those pieces, they are almost complete.

Finally I sat down and went through my stones. I decided I wanted to work on some new emerald jewelry. So I found these stones and decided to get them ready to cut.

Ok some Etsy stuff: I have finished listing all my new tiny niobium hoops. So if you wanted hoops in a particular color, go check them out.

I also stumbled upon a new prototype team on Etsy, I think I will tell you all about that tomorrow though so I can devote a lot of space to that. You will be interested in it I promise!

So today I have to run to a conference with my son's teacher. But before I head off, I wanted to share the work I have done so far this morning.

Remember those emeralds? Well I have them dopped and ready to start cutting!!!!!! I also managed to get an oolite stone ready to cut as well!

Wish me luck today :)

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