Tuesday, February 26, 2013

F&TA:: Ideal Client Intensive Course

For the past few Tuesdays, I have been posting information to help get seen online; Twitter, Business Cards, Facebook, ect. These have mainly been infographic posts. I plan to continue posting informational graphics, but I wanted to take a break today to tell you guys about this course I signed up for.

Even though most business owners understand that identifying your ideal customer is just good business sense. Most of us are hesitant to do this. Why?

Personally, I am afraid that I will not identify to "right" customer. Or worse, that I may alienate a group of customers. These are my fears.

Logically I understand that creating a targeted ad campaign towards your ideal customer creates the highest conversion rate from marketing to sales.

Look at Nike.

This company targets people who like to play sports. "Just Do It" was a tagline aimed at sports players. Just get in there and play the game, was their message.

Even though their marketing targeted sports players, the general public did not feel alienated by the tag line. In fact, generally they continued to support Nike by purchasing their merchandise. The targeted marketing just created a niche for Nike to become even more visible to the general public.

I get it, I just fear making a mistake in who my marketing targets. So what can I do about it?

The Owners of Flourish and Thrive Academy are offering a 2 week course on identifying your ideal customer.  They are going to walk those who take this course through a step by step process to identify and get to know your ideal customers by heart. Plus they are offering hands on help to those in the course.

I have already signed up and I am anxious to get started with these mavens of the industry! 

Now this course is targeted to jewelry makers. But here is the link if you want to take a peek!

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