Monday, February 11, 2013

Jewelry Boxes - Part 1

As I mentioned before,  I have been working on creating a nice box for my larger jewelry pieces. It is very easy to find jewelry boxes for pendant type necklaces. But for necklaces like collars or pearls, it is hard to find a nice box for them. So I have set out to make a few for my own creations.

It started a couple of weeks ago. I bought two unfinished boxes. I brought them home and began to stain them with a glossy stain. The problem is once dried, I broke one of the boxes.

So I went out yesterday and bought two more boxes. Both were finished. I am not ready to tackle the stain again!

I also purchase a product called Chacopaper.. I used the Chacopaper to transfer my logo onto the boxes.

At this point, I simply trace my logo with a pencil. The Chacopaper will transfer it onto the box in chalk, which is very easy to remove if there is an error.

From this point, I simply paint the outline!

 Next I will tackle installing a lining, but I need to get the lining I want first!

So what do you think about these beauties!

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