Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 2-21-13

Well it is Thursday. It has been a long week for me. My son has been sick and my office has been in the midst of an upgrade. So all in all it has been a hectic week.

And during this week I have been pondering sales and marketing. I have been wondering if t may be worth it to create a few new listings that are actually grouping.

Do you think it would be a good idea to create listings offering multiples of my best sellers? Or maybe offering two different items in a package. Or two different sizes?

And the other idea I have been kicking around is an upgrade. Now don't get me wrong, Etsy does not technically allow upgrades. I can not create a listing that says you must buy A in order to buy B.

But I can offer a plain jewelry box with priority shipping, and let customers know that their products will be upgrade with priority shipping if they purchase both. As long as each listing is for actual sale, then it is Etsy legal to my understanding.

So what ideas have you been kicking around to increase your sales?

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